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An unexpected and very hard surprise

It was a usual working day. A naughty maid was cleaning the place, wearing only her sexy tights that made her pretty firm ass look even better. She looked extremely hot for her age. Yet, there was one thing she didn’t take into account, she wasn’t alone at home… A tough-looking homeowner was taking a shower. Being done with the shower, he entered the kitchen having nothing but a towel on his waist. He noticed her sweet ass and gave in to the temptation as he could see her wet holes through the half-transparent tights. Trying to take her from behind was the best decision. He fiercely tore her tights that were the only barrier between his pulsating hard cock and her delicious holes. He took the maid by surprise, yet she couldn’t resist for long as her pussy was already dripping wet and ready for action. They had to continue cleaning together, wiping the kitchen table with her amazing ass.
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